Dawn Rising - Update Patch Ver.8 Coming Soon


Dawn Rising is having the 8th version update on 2nd of November from 10:00-12:00. All adventurers are required to log-out 5 minutes before the update starting in order to avoid unnecessary losses, we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Let's continue our adventure together when the update is ready!

We wish you a pleasant gaming experience. A jumbo giftpack will be given to every player as an appreciation to all of you, stay tuned!


Below are the main contents of this period of Aden Continent News:

Gem Embed System

1. Utilize the name of the gem slot;

2. Utilize the color display of the attribute;


C. S. BOSS Event

1. C. S. Gem BOSS level adjusted from Lv. 40 to Lv. 60;

2. Utilize the HP display of the C. S. Gem BOSS;

3. Fix the problem of location display error of the C. S. BOSS on the mini map;


Event Optimization –Mystic Battlefield

1. If the players stay inactive for 2 minutes, they will leave the game automatically, and unable to get event reward;

2. The winning condition has been changed to score system, defeat opponent, assist, and destroy tower to get score, the team which reached 1500 points first wins;


Other Optimizations

1. Optimize the Gem preview interface;

2. Add the combination of high grade Love Essence in the system;

3. The 3-day fashion of Newbie quest changed to 7-day;

4. Cave Dungeon results now display all output;

5. Tap on the ranking on the “Space Tower” interface to directly reach the Space Tower Ranking;

6. After purchasing items in the “Lucky Roulette” point shop, now it will not be displayed on the top of the interface;

7. The diamond display is changed from diamond balance to the diamond needed for the next extract in Lucky Roulette 10X draw, Treasure Single Draw, and Treasure 10X Draw;

8. Utilize the event info of the Nether Palace and C. S. BOSS;

9. Promotion Gem Giftpack usage level adjusted to Lv.72;

10. Time display of certain fashion in the preview;


BUG Fixes

1. Fix the Crystal collection amount error of the “Crystal Realm”;

2. Fix the issue of players unable to redeem objective reward when the pet reaches grade 30;

3. Fix the issue of notification error when not fulfilling objectives in the “Road of CP”;

4. Fix the issue of mount cycle not synchronized in “Swift Dragon”;

5. Fix the issue of players unable to enter the Century War event under certain circumstances;

6. Fix the issue of players unable to receive rewards in the new server Rank Rush event;

7. Fix the content issue of notification of “Mystic Battlefield”;

8. Fix the issue of current amount display error of the required combine material of “Unimon”;

9. Fix the issue of players unable to reach 7-star objective under certain circumstances;


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Dawn Rising Download:

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