Dawn Rising - Update Patch Ver.7 Coming Soon


Dawn Rising is going to have an all-new update patch on 26th Oct, 2017 at 10:00 AM (UTC+8), our warriors are finally have chances to pay back the shame! Besides that, the Relic Armor is eventually unlocked! Cooperate with our new developed Gem Embed System, we ensure that it will lead to higher CP!

The update will approximately take up to 2 hours, All adventurers are required to log-out 5 minutes before the update starting in order to avoid unnecessary losses, we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Let's continue our adventure together when the update is ready!


Below are the main contents of this period of Aden Continent News:

Swordsman Rising—Skill Enhanced

1. After the Swordsman released taunt, will restore own HP in certain time by according to the amount of enemies that being taunt;

2. The regen percentage of this skill is fixed, it won’t be increased by levelling up the skill;


New Gameplay—Mystic Tower

1. Every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, 21:00, will release Mystic Tower event;

2. Registration time is 21:00-21:03, able to find the NPC from Time-limited Event interface to register;

3. After the preparation time is over, system will auto match the players with almost the same CP into the same tower;

4. Player that killed certain amount of opponents in the Floor 1 of tower is able to enter the next floor;

5. Point that gained in the tower is able to exchange to Mystic Medal in equal proportion;

6. Able to gain point by killing opponent players, collect chest, enter higher floor, killing BOSS, and also staying in the tower;

7. Unable to gain any pt when it reached the limit, player is able to leave the tower earlier, and it won’t affect the reward sending;

8. Event reward will send via the mail after leaving the event;


New System—Gem Embed

1. Added “Gem Embed” page in “Furnace”, open to operate gem embed;

2. Every slot is able to embed 1 gem, embedded to upgrade character’s attri. and CP;

3. Currently all equipment is only unlock 2 slots, 2 more slots will be unlocked at late stage;

4. The gem is categorised into ATK Gem, DEF Gem, and HP Gem. Each gem can provide 1 attri.;

5. There are 3 colors of Embed Slot, red slot is ATK Gem, yellow slot is DEF Gem, and white is HP Gem;

6. After changing the equipment, the gem will auto embed to the new one;

7. Embedded gem can be removed without any damage;

8. Open the Gem pack to check the owning gems;


New Function—Mystic Shop

1. Newly added “Mystic Shop” page in the “Shop” interface;

2. Consume “Mystic Medal” to purchase items from the Mystic Shop;

3. Able to get “Mystic Medal” by passing Mystic Battlefield, Mystic Flag Seize, and Mystic Tower Event;


Arrival of Armor (Relic)

1. Added Armor System to connect with the relic;

2. Armor is able to unlock by upgrading Lv. , CP, or consuming Angelic Shield;

3. Upgrade the form of Armor by consuming Armor Essence;

4. When player transforming, will equip the using Armor;


New Function

1. Added “Double Mount-Unimon”, able to get from the Mystic Shop;

2. “Cave Instance” has added “Armor Cave” instance, join it to get armor rune and essence reward;

3. Added 3 new BOSS to the “C.S. BOSS”, defeat these BOSSES will drop Gem and gem shard;

4. Item source in the Resource interface has added Mystic Flag Seize, Mystic Tower, Mystic Shop, Mystic Dungeon and other events;

5. Setting interface (Tap the avatar to enter the interface) has added “Botting Protect” button at right below;

6. Daily Event, Instance Event, BOSS Event, and Blood Clan Event in the event interface has added the calendar;

7. Below the “All Server” of the “Select Server” interface has added server pages;


System/Event Optimize

1. Combine System

  - Added ATK Gem, DEF Gem, HP Gem and Blessed Scroll of combine page;

  -  “Cast Crystal Core” page has released Lv. B cast Crystal Core of combining;

2. Fortune System

 -  Increased the Immunity Fortune-Tanker, with chances to immune the fatal hit after equipped;

 -  Immunity Fortune-Tanker will be put in the “Mystic Shop;

3. Relic System

 -  New added set attri. It will increase dodge rate and Crit. Damage accord to the % after activated;

 -  Equip 3 same series of relics can activate new set attri.

4. Mystic Flag Seize

 -  Reward will be changed to Mystic Medal;

 -  Changed the Battlefield Graded CP;

 -  Repaired the problem of without red dot hint of the opponent’s flag location in “Mystic Flag Seize-Area Map”;

 -  Repaired the problem of showing wrong remaining time in “Mystic Flag Seize”;

5. Mystic Battlefield

 -  Increased the countdown floating reminder in every 10s;

 -  Reward has changed to Mystic Medal;

 -  Changed the Battlefield Grade CP;

 -  Changed the basement HP, killed pts, assist pts, and win pts;

6. Arena

 -  Repaired the problem of pet only attacks the opponent one time in the arena;

 -  Repaired the problem of showing wrong CP of No. 1 player in the Arena interface;

7. Wardrobe Function

 -  Repaired the problem of without overlay the time when receiving the same equipped fashion;

 -  Added new selection of the wardrobe, Hide the Fashion, it won’t show the fashion in the scene after selected;

8. Blood Clan Related

 -  Repaired the problem of the Territory War Registration interface still showing the original B.C. Name after renamed the B.C.;

 -  Repaired the problem of the gather button of original Chief is not disappeared after promoted the others to replace the Chief;

 -  Repaired the problem of after the Philosopher registered to be the Chief, needed to online again to increase the BUFF;


Other Maintenance

1. Optimized the hint that after tapping the locked skill;

2. Optimized the positions of HP bar, title and level after the character transformed;

3. The mall has no sold 3-day Normal Fashion;

4. Player is unable to use C.S. Speaker in the C.S. Server;

5. The Divine Beast of the Blood Clan Shop is able to delete now;


BUG Maintenance

1. Fix the problem of team request glint won’t disappear after the team leader has left the team/team has been dismissed;

2. Fix the issue of “Hunter Quest” completed quest on the same day and stay online until next day, the refresh interface contains error;

3. Fix the issue of either one of the spouse is unable to force divorce when the partner is not online for a long period of time;

4. Fix the issue of Ranger skill loses effect when the player uses auto-routing and kill the BOSS;

5. Fix the problem of showing wrong resource of “Blood of Divine Beast”;

6. Fix the cross-server notification display error when the cross-server preparation hall has 10 seconds left;

7. Fix the problem of after using the “C.S. Speaker”, it will only be shown at parts of servers;

8. Fix the problem of when opening few of C.S., the C.S. BOSS info will interrupt each other;

9. Fix the problem of tapping parts of item source, the event description in will be shown;

10. Fix the problem of still showing the new zone protection mark in C.S. BOSS, even the server protection period is over;

11. Fix the problem of without red dot hint at the switch button whereas it appeared at the Relic button after gained the relic material;



Dawn Rising Download:

Android: https://goo.gl/A13Ysn

iOS: https://goo.gl/iKfqV1