Dawn Rising - Update Patch Ver.6 Coming Soon


Dawn Rising will have an update patch and server optimization on 12nd Oct,2017 at 10:00AM(UTC+8). The update will approximately take up to 2 hours, All adventurers are required to log-out 5 minutes before the update starts in order to avoid unnecessary losses.
All adventurers will not be able to login and play the game during the maintenance, we apologize for any inconveniences caused. Let's continue our adventure together when the update is ready!


The contents below are the details of the latest Aden News:

New Function – The Wardrobe

1. A “Wardrobe” tab is added on the “Character” interface, tap to open “Wardrobe”;

2. The fashion will be displayed according to the gender of character on the “Wardrobe” interface;

3. Tap on any fashion to display it on the left side of the interface in a form of 2.5D;

4. Tap on inactive fashion followed by the activate button, and a fashion purchase list will pop up, the original fashion tab of the store will be cancelled;

5. Players will be able to activate the fashion after purchasing it, activate fashion to increase attribute and CP;

5. After equipping the fashion, players will get 3% additional HP and certain amount of CP;

6. Fashion that is not equipped will not deplete time, but players must ensure that there is at least one fashion equipped;

7. If the players possess multiple fashion of same type, merge them into one to have accumulated time;

8. If the player switches gender, the fashion will be converted to the gender after switch;


Combine System

1. The tabs that are still unavailable will be hidden on the main interface;

2. Tap and hold “Combine” to quickly combine the item;


Optimization --Arena

1. The wings of opponent will be displayed according to the wings they are actually equipping;

2. Fix the issue of CP not synchronized when the opponent is not online;


Optimization—Otherworld Battlefield

1. The victory points are adjusted to 6000;

2. Increase the points gained through killing and assist;

3. Increase the HP of base;

4. Fixed the issue where the system will determine players to be inactive when attacking tower while standing for a longer period of time;


BUG Fixes

1. Fix the issue of irregular message display when players enter cross server;

2. Fix the bug where the players are unable to quit the game normally when entering “Nether Palace” from the Blood Clan;

3. Fix the bug of pets not casting skills automatically when the players are attacking ancient beast;

4. Fix the issue of incorrect error report of incomplete resources before the download is complete;

5. Fix the issue of certain monsters do not display HP during the “Trial of God”;

6. Fix the bug where the players are unable to enter “Cave Dungeon” from “Nether Palace”, but the entry chances are still reduced;


Other Optimizations

1. Optimize the HP display of monsters;

2. Optimize the refresh mechanism of certain event;

3. The display time of the game is changed to server time;

4. The owning Blood Clan will not be displayed when entering “Aden City”;

5. The notification for confirmation is removed when using diamonds to purge “Cave Dungeon”;

6. Optimize the gaming experience of most of the cross server event, and the start time is adjusted to 10 seconds after the registration deadline;

7. New protection mode is added. When the players  are being attacked during auto-fight, the system will automatically switch target to the attacker, and counter back within a certain range;


=================Coming  Soon=================

The following are the recent news of the Aden Continent:

Magic Gem Research Breakthrough

A gem mine is found lately in the valley. Through research, we have discovered a huge amount of magic element within the gem. If we utilize this magical power and mix with our equipment, their power will become more formidable; However, the magical power is currently unstable, though our research is about to have remarkable breakthrough, we might have some good news very soon~~


Dawn Rising Download:

Android: https://goo.gl/A13Ysn

iOS: https://goo.gl/iKfqV1