Dawn Rising - Update Patch Ver.5 Coming Soon


Dawn Rising will have an update patch and server optimization on 28th of September, 2017 at 10:00AM(UTC+8). The update will approximately take up to 2 hours, All adventurers are required to log-out 5 minutes before the update starts in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

All adventurers will not be able to log in and play the game during the maintenance, we apologize for any inconveniences caused. Let's continue our adventure together when the update is ready!


Main content of Aden Continent news:

Server Optimization

1. Optimize the streaming experience of excessive amount of players during cross-server gameplay

2. Increase the max limit of players in a server             


New Event-1 Month Carnival

To show the appreciation to the warriors that have fought and supported us for the past month, in the new patch, we would like to held a monthly, the Aden mayor decided to held a series of celebration event to show his gratefulness, the event content will be announced after the preparation and planning is done~ Stay tuned


Dungeon optimization - Otherworld Battlefield

1. Anti-afk system implemented in the dungeon, the player will be kicked out from the dungeon if the player doesn’t make any control in 2 minutes, and no rewards will be given;

2. Way of obtaining victorious has been changed to obtaining points, killing your opponent, assisting, and getting tower, the team that reaches 1500 points first wins;


Other optimizations

1. Optimized HP bar of the monsters, the HP for the high-HP monsters will be shown in divisions

2. Some quest monsters has been added, to avoid players fighting for monster in the early stages of the game;

3. New protection added, only Lv. 40 equipment can be put into the Equipment Decompose by using the shortcut insert tool;

4. Bloodclan invitation and team-up button position optimized;

5. CP rank optimized, if the player is not online, the ranking will only show the CP of  the last online;

6. When players seek help from Bloodclan in the “Nether Palace”, other players can now consume the Underground palace key and enter the dungeon to help the player instantly after confirmation;

7. After creating a new character, the player will face the first NPC;

8. A red dot reminder to claim “Pre top-up rebate” event is added;

9. Required data for running the game has been decreased;

10. Stability of the client has been optimized, lowering the chance for the game to crash;

11. Optimized the pet model of  “Forest Hunter”;

BUG Fixes

1. Fixed a bug where the pet name may be wrongly positioned after star-up;

2. Fixed a bug where the “Nether Palace” exit icon is blocked by other icons, making the “Nether palace” dungeon unable to exit;

3. Fixed a bug where auto path cannot be used in the event “Otherworld Dungeon” during the newbie protection period;

4. Fixed an issue where some players are not able to revive their character;

5. Fixed an issue where the transform effect are wrongly positioned;

6. Fixed an issue where personal free escort chances are not able to be refreshed on the second day;

7. Fixed a bug where the cargo disappears during the Bloodclan escort;



Download Dawn Rising:

Android: https://goo.gl/A13Ysn

iOS: https://goo.gl/iKfqV1