Dawn Rising - Update Patch Ver.3 Coming Soon


Dear Adventurers,

We have a good news for you, that there will be an update which mainly optimizing the Fortune System and several bug fixes. As for the Feedback for Rewards event that is going to be ended tonight, we have received all the new suggestions and thoughts. And we would organize the information gathered and evaluate accordingly. We promise to do our best and include as much of your suggestion as possible in the next update. We thank you for all of your supports!

【New System—The Legion】

1. The “Legion” system is available at the friends interface;

2. “Legion” system is generally used when players want to join team-up event;

3.  Form a Legion with up to three characters and adventure together;

4. Players who already in a Legion will not be able to create another one;

【New Function】

1. “Carnival” has new event “Card Flip”;

2. Time limited events now have event calendar showing all events available within one week;

【Beginners Tutorial】

1. Optimize the procedures to unlock “Relics”

2. Optimize 3 Days Login tutorial;

【Event Optimization—Personal Escort】

1. During personal escort, if the character and carriage are not in the same map, players are able to teleport through the map;

2. Unable to enter the cross server again during personal escort;

【Other Optimizations】

1. After the purge of “Demon Caves”, the interface no longer reset to the left side;

2. When the character bag is full, players are unable to enter arena, Demon Caves, Ancient Stonehenge, Nether Palace, VIP Instance, Cross Server BOSS, Blood Clan BOSS and etc.;

3. Adds notification when advancing Epic Equipment;

4. Adjusted part of the content of equipment notification;

5. Optimize the red dot notification of small map and limited event;

【BUG Fixes】

1. Fix the issue of the blue dot is not visible on the small map in “Honor Battle”;

2. Fix the issue of not being able to close normally after completing “Otherworld Dungeon”;

3. Fix the issue of participation reward not given if the BOSS was not eliminated in “War of Gods”;

4. Fix the issue of irregular Fatigue display in “Ancient Realm”;

5. Fix the issue of characters being able to speak on cross server channel when they are banned from speaking;

6. Fix the issue of characters reach Lv. 79 in cross server, and not included in the list of unlocked level limit;

The Century War is coming soon, form your legion and be ready for the new challenges!! War of Century, Warfare Ignite

【Major Update Coming Soon – Century War】

1. The “Century War” is available at 16:20-16:50. Players from different version will be able to fight together;

2. For players who are at Lv. 60 with CP of 1350000 or above will be able to form a Legion of 2-3 persons in advance, locate the NPC-Testle in the Aden City when the event starts to join the event;

3. The event time is at 16:20-16:50, players will not be able to enter the preparation hall after 16:23;

4. After the event starts, the system will assign all players into several battlefields according to CP;

5. Each warzone supports up to 24 Legions, the players will be spawned randomly into the warzone;

6. The Legions are able to get scores through eliminating BOSS, defeating players of other Legions or entering scores zone;

7. All members of the Legion have to be near the NPC when joining the event;

8. Unable to use auto botting when players are in Legion;

9. The Legion members will team up automatically in the warzone, and are unable to leave the team;

10. During the event period, players are unable to operate the Legion configuration;

11. Players will be unable to enter the event again if they leave in the middle of the event;

12. When the battle ends, the Legion members will get rewards according to their rank in the Legion, including Pet Custom Treasure Chest, Bound Diamonds, Legendary or Perfect equipment, and many more;