The End of Darkness! The story of Dawn Rising!

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Yuria, the God of Fire, second son of Anna the God of Genesis has a strong thirst for power, and that very thirst is constantly challenging the limit of space-time continuum. As a result, the Four Great Gods of Ancient have joined forces to destroy Yuria. In the legendary battle, the formidable strength of Yuria's fire has collapsed the space and time. The torn dimensional rifts can be seen everywhere in the continent of Gods.Part of the residents of the continent have been transferred to another ancient land - Aden Continent. However, Aden Continent is never a peaceful land. According to the legend, the continent is occupied with countless of ancient evil forces who own strong power, namely Majin Gulag, Elrik the Devil King, and the descendants of ancient giants. The leaked out power of Yuriais going to wake them up. If they are awakened, it will bring nothing but catastrophe and disasters. In order to save us from such anguish, the only way is to reach the peak of Space Tower and re-activate the ancient seal. But for now, the Majin Gulag has already enslaved a horde of army through his evil power, and launching relentless assault towards the ruler of this continent...


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