《Dawn Rising》 Limited time BOSS Killing Strategy

It is said that there was a super lord in the Aden Continent- Ancient Akantor. Its lair was once a forbidden area of players but along with its sleep, Dragon Lair becomes a place for players to explore. A batch of monster chieves Lava Monsters will awake daily at regular time. Players can kill them to get precious treasure.

There are 5 floors in Dragon Lair. Lava Monster will appear at random coordinates of each floor at 12.00-13.00, 18.00-19.00 daily. Players have to explore the actual coordinates themselves.

As the appearing time of monster chieves is fixed, players are recommended to go to Dragon Lair earlier to seize the chance. One thing to note is that PK punishment is cancelled in all maps during the time monster chieves appear. So apart from strong monster chieves, you have to beware of other players as well. The best solution is team up with your friends to proceed. Don’t worry about the rewards as its rich enough for you. Main rewards dropped by Lava Monster are various blue EQPT, flame crystal and refine stone which are pretty attractive.


Tired of Daily Quest? Limited time BOSS is waiting for you to challenge!