《Dawn Rising》Alchemy Introduction

When player is Lv52, alchemy system will be unlocked.

In the alchemy, there’s 5 Mixture to produce, which is DP Mixture, Magic Mixture, Agility Mixture, INT.Mixture, and Const.Mixture. Combine Mixture is able to increase the correspond attri.


Mixture Combine

First of all, player needs the corresponding alchemy recipe to combine. Consume the specific materials to direct combine the mixture, but also able to consume diamond if material is insufficient. Higher attri in the pre-combine with same type and same lv of mixture, but low attri in the late combining.


When one page of the Mixture is full, player is able to consume all current Mixture of that page to combine one Holy Mixture with keeping all attri. Player has 1 free times of Gold Touch, able to random produce 1 Mixture in current page, but it is unable to produce Holy Mixture.