《Dawn Rising》 Team Instance Guide

【Tarantula Den】

The Tarantula Den will be available when players reach Lv24. After entering the instance, defeat all monsters and get lots of EXP. Team work is essentially important for this instance, as everyone can focus on different task to maximize the gains.


Warlord Palace & Elite Warlord Palace

The Warlord Palace will be available at Lv45, and Lv50 will unlock Elite Warlord Palace. There are 5 bosses in total for 1 instance. Players can get various rewards by defeating boss. image.pngimage.png

Guard Goddess

The Guard Goddess will be available when players reach Lv52. There will be 3 tunnels in the instance that will constantly spawn

 minions. It is more sensible and with higher efficiency when players form a 3 persons team. Defeat the goddess to get various rewards.