《Dawn Rising》In-depth Review: The Ranger

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Ranger is the master of long range damage. With lightning fast speed and exceptional mobility, it is 

impossible for the target to get out of the pursuit of ranger. The ranger adopt a fast-in-fast-out tactic in battles, making it hard for the enemies to react.


【Ranger】 Skills Details :

【 Precise Shooting The normal attack of Ranger, shoot an arrow and deal damage to the target. Cool 

down: None

【 Bursting Arrow    Leap and shoot an exploding arrow which deal damage to targets in a range. Cool 

down: 8 seconds

【  Erode Arrow      Deal damage to the target and surrounding enemies, and reduce targets ATK for 6 

seconds. Cool down: 12 seconds

【 Flaming Arrow    Add additional damage to targets for every attack in 6 seconds. Cool down: 16 


【 Slashing Strike   Deal damage to targets in range, and back off afterwards. Cool down: 20 seconds

【 Rain of Arrows   Deal damage to the surrounding targets twice. The final attack deals extra damage to 

targets. Cool down: 25 seconds