《Dawn Rising》In-depth Review: The Prophet

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The Prophet is a class which possesses the formidable elemental power of ice and thunder. The prophet is an expert of huge range attack and high damage.


Prophet Skills Details :

【 Thunder Strike  The normal attack of Prophet. Summon the lightning and deal damage to the target. 

Cool down: None

【 Holy Thunder    Summon the ancient power of thunder, deal damage to targets in a range. Cool 

down: 8 seconds

【 Frozen Mark     Deal damage to a target  and its surrounding , and adds “Frost” status to the target for 8 seconds. Cool down: 12 seconds

【 Frost Explosion Deal damage to targets in range, and set off the “Frost” status of target for additional hit. The damage gets higher with more stacks of “Frost”. Cool down: 16 seconds

【  Ice Flash         After casting the skill, tap on the field again to teleport to desired location, and deal damage to surrounding targets at the same time. The movement speed of targets will be slowed for 40%. Cool down: 20 seconds

【 Ice and Snow   Deal damage to the surrounding targets twice. The final blow will add “Frost” status to targets for 8 seconds. The effect is stackable. Cool down: 25 seconds