《Dawn Rising》In-depth Review: The Swordsman

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Swordsman is the embodiment of brute force and strength in the world of 《Dawn Rising》,

which makes an ideal tank and attacker of the team.


Swordsman Skills Details :

【 Heroic Blow  The normal attack of Swordsman. Cool down: None


【  Air Cutter  A powerful slash that deals damage in a range. Cool down: 8 seconds


【 Leap Attack  Jump towards the target and deal damage to targets in range, and immobilize the target for 5 seconds. Cool down: 12 seconds


【 Vengeful Soul Withstand all damage for 8 seconds and blast at once right after, dealing a percentage of the 

total damage to targets in range. Cool down: 16 seconds


【   Taunt         Force the targets around to attack on the swordsman, while increasing own damage in 6 

seconds. When there is more than 1 target around, each additional target increase certain amount of damage for 

Swordsman. Cool down: 20 seconds


Whirlwind Slash Deal damage to the surrounding targets twice. The final attack will increase the damage taken of targets increased in the next 5 seconds. Cool down: 25 seconds